Why are politicians not a good source to generate business leads?

If you are looking for ways to expand your customer base and increase your sales, you might be tempted to reach out to politicians and try to leverage their influence and connections. However, this strategy is likely to backfire and harm your reputation and credibility. Here are some reasons why politicians are not a good source to generate business leads:

  • Politicians are often biased and partisan. They may have agendas and interests that are not aligned with yours or your potential customers. They may also spread misinformation or fake news that can damage your brand image and trustworthiness.
  • Politicians are busy and distracted. They have many responsibilities and demands on their time and attention. They may not be able to devote enough time and effort to promote your products or services effectively. They may also forget or ignore your requests or messages.
  • Politicians are risky and unpredictable. They may change their opinions or positions depending on the political climate or public opinion. They may also face scandals or controversies that can tarnish their reputation and yours by association. They may also lose their power or influence after elections or resignations.
  • Politicians are expensive and demanding. They may expect compensation or favors in return for their endorsement or referral. They may also impose conditions or restrictions on how you can use their name or image. They may also ask for more than you can afford or offer.

Therefore, it is better to avoid relying on politicians as a source to generate business leads. Instead, you should focus on building relationships with your existing customers, finding new customers through referrals, networking, social media, online platforms, events, etc., and creating value propositions that appeal to your target market.