Replace labor redundancy and manual tasks with digital efficiency

Digital technology has forever changed the dynamics between customers and companies. Companies must continually reinvent their business by going one step ahead of ever-evolving digital trends or risk becoming silent observers while their industry is led by other businesses more adept at digital transformation.Subscribe now to learn how your business can leave behind inefficient processes, … Continue reading Replace labor redundancy and manual tasks with digital efficiency

Learn how to modernize your apps and data on Azure

Considering the cloud? We know how important it is for your business-critical apps to be quickly up and running. Same for web applications and databases. Microsoft @Azure has tools to help migrate workloads with minimal code changes.

Azure simply has the smoothest route and most straightforward transition from on-promises to the cloud. Check this out and connect with us for migration assistance.

10 ways to run effective remote meetings

Take a crash course on simple things nonprofit teams can do to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and keep everyone engaged.

Check out "10 ways to run effective remote meetings," brought to you by @msftnonprofits, to gain insights into all the logistics of online meetings:

• Preparing the agenda and questions in advance
• Pre-testing technology and avoiding plug-ins
• Using the virtual lobby and practicing online etiquette
• Ensuring clear recordings and audio