The IT professionals in your office do far more than just help you reset your password or recover files from a crashed computer. From the first thing Monday morning onward, these heroes are hard at work protecting your organization.

IT is always at the ready to respond to threats when detected through tools like Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and Cloud App Security, all while laying the groundwork to avoid future attacks.

The security features in Microsoft 365 can help your IT heroes perform their jobs more effectively. Give them the help they deserve with tools that benefit your entire organization. Contact us to learn more.

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In Seattle, music is important to so many people, and it’s safe to say the Seattle music scene wouldn’t be what it is today without KEXP. It’s important to bring people and music together, KEXP is the outlet that makes it happen.

But that wouldn’t be possible without the right tools. KEXP uses Azure because they can implement the tools that suit their needs. If you need to tailor your IT infrastructure to suit your needs, don’t do it alone. We’ll help you find the tools and solutions you need. Contact us today to find out more.

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What does it mean for your business to be truly connected?

How about being able to access financial data while replying to emails within Outlook to increase efficiency and accuracy of responses?

How about having the ability to collaborate on documents and presentations by editing in real time with your colleagues?

How about user-friendly access to the documents and data you need on any type of device?

MSDyn365 harnesses the power of the cloud to accomplish these and more. We are ready to help you achieve connectivity across your entire business. Contact us to learn more.

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90% of girls describe themselves as creative and 72% want a job that helps the world; solving the problems of the future will require creative individuals with STEM skillsets. Seems like a win for everyone, so how can we get more girls involved in STEM?

There is more than one answer, but we can start with providing role models and real-world connections to young girls, allowing them to understand where STEM skills can take them and picture themselves in those roles.

We recognize the importance and the benefits of getting more girls involved in STEM. Contact us to learn more.

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When the first 400 teachers applied to participate in the Fresno Unified School District Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI) back in 2016, they did so to improve learning for their students. Along the way, they discovered improvements to support their teaching practices.

One key success of PLI is the professional education and digital collaboration opportunities it provides to teachers. Fellow PLI teachers were able to communicate on Microsoft Teams, the same program they would bring into their classrooms. This support meant more successful implementation in those classrooms.

Check out this article to discover more insights from Fresno’s PLI.

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When Katrina Williams arrived at Friction Technology, she recognized that the disconnected systems and manual data entry processes were keeping the company from effectively tracking their production at each stage, resulting in inefficiencies when dealing with suppliers and customers.

Now with the help of Dynamics 365, Friction Technology understands and follows each item throughout production, allowing them to gain actionable insights that translate into better service for their customers. We are excited about what Dynamics 365 can do for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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