Disruption ahead? Five digital trends that could change how you do business…

You’ve probably seen articles about the power of technology to “disrupt” entire industries, whether it’s Uber upending the taxi business or Facebook changing how people communicate. News stories about business disruption focus on dramatic tales of companies that grew to hundreds of millions in revenue almost overnight.

But disruption can happen on a smaller scale, too. And you don’t necessarily have to invent the technology to take advantage of it in a way that lets you positively disrupt how business is done in your industry. For any size of company, using digital technologies to disrupt your business requires strategic thinking, smart investment, and a commitment to long-term success. Let’s take a look at a few disruptive small business trends and technologies that could transform how you do business. Click here to learn more.

Author: rbhallassociates

Business Technology Consultant | Cloud Broker