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As one of the Ultra-portable PC pioneers, iPad exceptions listed for 2010 are not calm. Only in May 2010, iPad sales reached 100 million units, less than 5 months later, in October 2010, Apple updated showed a profit; iPad profit grew 70year on year, and quarterly sales topped 20 billion U.S. dollars. There are indications that as the representative of the iPad tablet PCs, more and more attention to IT companies, iPad tablet in the country detonated a computer boom. Currently, the Tablet PC market, more and more rich, does that mean, tablet PCs will replace the traditional notebook into the mainstream? 1. 2nd Generation Tablet PC: thinner, more business-oriented Tablet PC concept was originally proposed by Microsoft, as early as 2002, Microsoft made smug Tablet PC concept, but because of technical barriers, has not developed Tablet PC, Microsoft said: Tablet PC no need flip, no keyboard, small enough to put Ms. handbags, but full-featured PC. Relative to the laptop, except has all of its functions, also supports handwriting input or voice input, mobility and portability are better. At the time, Tablet PC is the representative of next generation mobile business PC, Microsoft also predicted: 5 years later, the Tablet PC will become the mainstream of portable personal computers, although not realized, however, introduced by Apple iPad, realize the Microsoft dream in 2010.

Even though Microsoft did not promote the tablet computer success, many PC manufacturers have introduced a keyboard integrated with the host variable type tablet PCs, we can think that the first generation of Tablet PC. That is the host through an ingenious structure and tight junction digital LCD screen, LCD screen can be folded together with the host as a ‘flat panel computer’ to use but will set off when the LCD screen can be used as a digital ink and handwriting with input / control functions notebook, and it can be up and down folding screen, 180 ° rotation and touch capabilities. To a certain extent, a first generation of Tablet PC is actually a notebook, ‘can be rotated to the touch’ version, but still not enough in terms of mobility and portability.

With the increased demand for portable users, the second generation of Tablet PC is a ‘pure’ Tablet PC, that is, the host computer and digital integrated LCD screen, the handwriting input as its main input, they are more stressed with the move, of course, at any time through USB port, Bluetooth, WIFI or 3G modules extend more applications, which iPad is a typical product, at present, HP, ViewSonic, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Archos, HW, Taiwan Power Company and other manufacturers have introduced the second generation Tablet PC. In portability, the second generation of tablet PCs can create text, graphics and pictures at any time, but also easy access to the Internet, send and receive email, play Web games or watch videos, ideal for mobile business use. 2. The Tablet PC can do, Cannot do? As a representative of the next generation of mobile business PC, Tablet PC has brought the emergence of a new business trend, after all, many business people in business or travel, does not want to wear a heavy backpack, do not want to use the relatively cumbersome notebook but need a more easily portable, more convenient to used ‘hands of the computer’. The Tablet PC just take into account the portability, the whole network, and its capacity is larger than handheld computers, and have the notebook\’s basic functions, you can browse the web, instant messaging , edit documents, download, watch online video.

Nevertheless, the Tablet PC in the application there are still many limitations, such as the screen is too small to display on the screen more than the software window, CPU performance not good enough, if the number of high-load programs open simultaneously, the speed will be very slow, even crash. In addition, the Tablet PC is usually equipped with Android or Windows smart system, though has some entertainment, but the lack of office applications, coupled with the limited storage capacity and cannot bring a real office and entertainment experiences. From a market perspective, tablet PC seems to fill the traditional mobile PC ‘blank’, those that required excellent portability and ease of use, and only the basic needs of the particular mobile commerce business people, Tablet PC is the best choice. But this does not mean that it can immediately replace the traditional notebook computer, for example, whether it is the daily business office, or graphic design, playing games, watching high-definition movies, require high performance characteristics of the computer and the screen display area is large enough, tablet PC application does not step aside from these obvious. At the same time, as can be management, security technology, cooling effect, this is the soft underbelly of tablet PCs, compared with ordinary PC, tablet PCs in performance, scalability, storage capacity, compatible resistance, input efficiency, etc. is not good enough. 3. The market trends: tablet PCs have broad prospects iPad\’s success, so that Tablet PC in 2010 to become a hot topic in IT industry, although not in the traditional sense iPad tablet PCs, the Tablet PC it is to rethink the concept has changed the use of Tablet PC models, which have a epoch-making significance, but also the entire PC market structure will have far-reaching impact, according to analysts said that despite the high penetration of notebooks, but the portable PC market growth will remain the main, global PC shipments in 2010 than in 2009 increase of 20 Apple iPad tablet laptop is to promote such an important reason for this growth, analysts predicted that Apple iPad 2010 sales will reach 600 million units, it will also promote the Tablet PC sales in 2010 grew to 10.5 million units, while 2011, Tablet PC shipments worldwide will reach 35 million units, while shipments in 2012 will account for 70of the global computer. Tablet PC huge market space, no doubt attract a large number of IT companies have joined.

Although the tablet PC market growth will not change the existing pattern, but it has been the traditional PC shipments had an impact, squeezing or even replace the laptop computer sales trends become more apparent. 4. Tablet PC replace the traditional PC ? As a mobile Internet devices, Tablet PC and MID, smart phone, MP4 and other portable devices with Internet access as only as a supplement to the traditional PC. Tablet PC, after all, not to meet everyone\’s basic business needs, and cannot replace the traditional notebook or PC, because it is two entirely different products, can be said that in the next few years, the traditional PC and the Tablet PC can independently coexist, while developing, but more people in the industry believe that today\’s boom Tablet PC is because consumers have a strong curiosity and the use of demand, but the design of these products is still inadequate, and only to the user\’s real needs to improve, tablet laptop computers can really gain a firm foothold in the market. Positioning Tablet PC consumer market, there is growing evidence that the Tablet PC will not replace the corporate notebook market, and smart phones. PC is undergoing rapid transformation, cell phones and tablet PCs will replace the traditional desktop and notebook computer. Apple said, iPad also shows that market demand for the needs of users of tablet PCs; chip designer ARM said that despite the iPad was a success, but only from the current situation cannot determine the Tablet PC can become a big market, now made a bold too early to forecast; Lenovo said, because users still prefer to use a physical keyboard, on the very negative feedback from Tablet PC, Lenovo will continue to adhere to style rotating screen notebook, not that kind of tablet production iPad. Dell, Steven said: Tablet PC is a supplement to the personal computer, but not all. Tablet PC, a subsidiary product as always, or a complementary type of equipment, while the real protagonist is still the notebooks, tablet PCs will never replace laptops; Patriots spokesman said the future of Tablet PC or mobile phone sales will exceed 2011, the tablet PC market will reach tens of millions at the same time that the mobile phone, PC and Tablet PC cannot replace each other, but the Tablet PC as a personal mobile terminal will have more users.

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