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How to Fix Adobe Program and PDF File Extension Errors

Receiving an important PDF file and then trying to open it only to get an error message instead is one of the most frustrating experiences that a computer user can have. Many times, these error messages are due to incompatibility of the Adobe Reader with other versions of the program and although annoying, are usually fairly easy to fix.

Update Adobe Reader

The first step you should take to try to fix your Adobe Reader program error messages is to update the current Adobe Reader version that is installed on your computer. You can do an easy update from your desktop by getting into Acrobat or Adobe Reader and finding the Help button. Click on Help and then on Check for Updates Now. This will automatically search and install any updates; of course, you must have your computer connected to the Internet for this to work. If you don\’t want to do this step from your desktop, you can also go to the Adobe website and download the update from there.

Uninstall Adobe Reader

If you are having problems with a partial installation failing or you have tried the update and it hasn\’t solved your problems, you can uninstall and then reinstall the Adobe Reader program. Again, you can do this from your desktop by going to Start and then clicking on Control Panel. Double click on Add/Remove Programs, choose the Adobe program and then choose Delete.

There are ways to manually uninstall the Adobe Reader program, but as they involve changes to the registry, they are not recommended. For further instructions on how to manually remove the Adobe Reader program, please see the Adobe website.

Once you have uninstalled the current program, you can reinstall Adobe Reader and many times your error messages will be gone.

Incompatible Versions

There are many versions of Adobe Reader available. You can go to the Adobe website to see the most current version, but unless the PDF creator used a compatible version, you won\’t be able to view the document. You may also get an error message saying that the document has been corrupted. The most likely fix is to download the newest version from the website, although if the document was created using an older version, you may have to work with the creator to use a compatible version.

Other Error Messages

You may also see other Adobe Reader error messages. The Error 16 message means that there has been a problem naming the file. Make sure that the file name isn\’t longer than 50 characters and only uses alpha/numeric characters – no special characters such as &,# or *. You may also get an Error 404 (Page Not Found) message. This message actually relates to the Internet connection and you may need to check your network settings.

Most errors can be solved by doing a simple update of Adobe Reader, although persistent program errors might need a little more work to get your Reader up and running properly.

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