Generating Hot Leads Through Effective Cold-Calling

By: Belinda Summers

Meeting a total stranger by way of phone call isn’t a gospel for the customers. Making them reveal their personal information like email and fax number is too much for them. And stealing a vial of their time for that conversation will make their temper boils. Truly, it takes a stroke of luck and good timing for cold callers not to encounter a hang-up, curses and unholy swears. However, with good communication and listening skills, thick skin and courage, determination and effective handling, cold calling can be the best way to generate hot leads.

It would be unusually rare that a telemarketer’s day ends without rejections, atrocity or profanity coming from the prospects. Either these qualified sales leads do or do not have the interest to buy a firm’s product or services, objections can still be raised by them. They just want to be certain that the price they pay meet or surpass the quality of a product or service.

Cold-calling has been used for a variety of functions – lead generation, lead nurturing and appointment setting. If a telemarketing company cowers with rejections, then it’s better to close the business. Be it face-to-face or phone calls, no one can escape refusals. Instead of battling to shy away from it, better if there are methods to effectively handle and manage such challenges.

Through research, preparedness, good delivery and skills, cold calling can be the portal to higher sales, tough times or not. To do this, the following list will aid every telemarketer:

1. Target exact buyers. Uncertainty in identifying which leads is the target audience of a firm is one of the common mistakes in lead generation. If not corrected, investments, both financial and nonfinancial, will be wasted for nothing.

Defining which type of leads a firm will market serves as a starting point to a successful lead generation. Why exert effort to call old people when a product or service is for teenagers?

2. Learn more from research. One of the best stimuli to catch a customer’s attention is to gain knowledge about his/her profile or company. By this, the telemarketer can detect how can a product and service provide solutions to problems or give improvements to the personal and professional success of an individual.

3. Contrive a superb script and showcase a convincing delivery. Time is one of the scarce resources a cold caller has. Using it to the fullest to work wonders solicits ingenuity, practice and preparedness. Crafting a good script before the call, practicing a convincing delivery are the best weapons that a telemarketer possesses to make each second of a call meaningful and effectual.

4. Send marketing collateral before the call. Calling without notice might suggest intimidation. One or two days before contacting a prospect, a letter must be sent to the customer. The contents discuss that a telemarketer from a company will call in a scheduled time. This will be used as an introductory sentence during the dialogue and will open another door for discussion.

5. Show respect to attendant. For a b2b lead generation, a phone call will not be directly received by the prospect. Gatekeepers such as receptionists and secretaries are going to accept it and if permitted, to transfer the call directly to the target sales lead. It would do no good to express irreverence to these attendants when they are double-checking or will not transfer the call due to some circumstances. Always show respect to anyone who answers the call, the position of the person notwithstanding.

6. Constant practice. As the saying goes Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best. “Any cue given by trainers and experts to improve skills in cold-calling must be practiced. Because when you converse in actual calls, it will not be that difficult anymore.

7. Thorough delivery with a touch of customization. Scripts serve only as guides. When a telemarketer calls, the exchange of verses between him and the prospect does not follow the script most of the time. Since every customer is different with the others, it will produce better delivery if customized according to the needs and wants of the prospect.

There is no easy cold call. There are just a difficult yet effective ways. Learning and making those as a habit will ripen success.

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