Is the state of the economy positive or negative to your business…

I see it as a positive. After all, the US economy has been through this before. If the entire economy was as bad as the media prognosticators want to make you believe we would have anarchy in the streets. We do not have that at present so it is not as bad as they want you to believe. What we are in is a “transition”. This is the time to retool and revisit ideologies we learned and yet, may no longer be valid due to the one constant…change…!

At a small business owner in the technology business, I see a lack of efficiency in business models and the use of technology to support them across the board. Therefore, what I do in my business is assist small-medium sized businesses to rethink the “way” they do business in the knowledge not “industrial” age. There is where new opportunities will unfold. Just think…1909…folks would have been debating over which was better…horse and buggy, or horseless carriage…I guess the horseless carriage debate won! What is the current debate?

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