Remote staff meeting with Teams

The need for remote learning continues to surge globally due to COVID-19. Microsoft alongside many of our partners offer free tools such as Office 365 and Teams to schools.

Administrators and teachers find Teams useful not only for the classroom, but also for organizing Professional Learning Communities and Staff teams.

Attending remote meetings is easy with all the built-in features provided. We understand you may have questions on how your school can leverage remote learning and we encourage you to view upcoming and on-demand Teams webinars – sign up here:

It’s easy to meet through Microsoft Teams. You can invite others to meet right now, or you can schedule a future meeting through the calendar tab.

Participants can take notes, invite others, share content, and even record the meeting for team members to watch later. After each meeting, all the notes, recordings, shared files, and conversations are available for future reference.

Teams takes the stress out of scheduling, organizing and recording meetings, so you can focus on content and collaboration. Even better, Office 365 and Teams A1 is free to educators right now!

Conduct Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings in Teams!

COVID-19 has necessitated many schools and universities making remote learning available. While it’s natural to focus on student learning in the virtual classroom, it’s just as important to consider teachers’ needs for professional development and colleague collaboration.

We know that connection with colleagues is vital, especially during this time of increased isolation.

Many educators are eager for more time brainstorming, sharing ideas, and fueling their passions through their work in Professional Learning Communities. In this video, we cover how to meet now with fellow teachers, schedule meetings for later, and record meeting notes. Have you ever been typing back and forth with someone and wish you could just talk with them in person instead? With Teams, you can quickly do that with the click of one button: Meet now.

If you record your meetings, they can be saved within the respective channel so absent members can easily find and view later. Teams makes it easy for educators to continue or create new Professional Learning Communities.

Watch this video to learn more about PLC capabilities in Teams.

SLAM gets connected with Office 365

Now your workforce can stay connected from anywhere on any device with Microsoft Office 365. See how one of the UK’s largest mental health service providers uses Office 365 and Azure to help clinicians collaborate on patient care. Contact R.B.Hall Associates, LLC to help get your teams working seamlessly with Office 365.

One of the largest providers of mental health services in the UK, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM), was working on an outdated platform that hindered productivity. See how migrating to Microsoft Office 365 in the Azure cloud allows clinicians to collaborate from anywhere, reduce administration time, and focus more on patient care.

Contact us to find out how you can drive seamless communication and sharing of data in your organization with Office 365.

Rising security threats—to all businesses…!

Why are cybercriminals targeting SMBs? Because smaller businesses have the same valuable bank account information, customer data, and intellectual property as big businesses, often with far less stringent security practices and less advanced technology. Also, because SMBs may serve big businesses, they can be a convenient entry point for infecting their much larger partners and business customers.

Get in front of the problem…

Despite the headlines and alarming rhetoric about cyberattacks, SMBs generally do not need to invest in million-dollar digital security solutions even if the resources for such solutions were available. Because most security threats involve malware attacks or insider misuse (losing a laptop, etc.), the most effective solutions are similarly mundane: only use protected software and cloud resources, and keep your software updated.

Think outside the desk

Did you know that telecommuting has risen 74% between 2005 & 2012 and now makes up 2.6% of the American workforce or 3.2M?  There’s an old-school misconception that workers are most productive at their desks, in their offices, at their place of business. The notion that a worker needs to sit at the same piece of wood every day has been called into question by the hundreds of millions of businesses and workers around the world who have discovered the benefits of telecommuting.

Studies have actually found that telecommuters are typically more productive than good-old-fashioned employees and tend to work longer hours overall, since they aren’t contending with long commutes. So if you’re managing virtual workers, don’t stress about them under-performing (unless the signs are obvious). Instead, keep an eye out for overworking and under-appreciation.

Taking the risk out of working on the go…!

The future of work is mobile. But you may be worried that working from anywhere, on any device, could expose you to added security risks. Whether you’re a road warrior or remote worker here are some simple tips to stay protected.  Here are 5 tips you should consider when working remotely:

  1. Bring your own Wi-Fi
  2. Beware of ‘evil twins’
  3. Use a VPN if you are not already
  4. Make firewalls your friend
  5. Losing a device shouldn’t mean losing sleep