Customer story: Presentation Studio

@pstudio is making waves across Asia-Pacific by helping companies create beautiful, memorable presentations. With help from Microsoft 365 Business, @pstudio leverages enterprise-grade security and productivity tools.

After adopting a cloud based Microsoft365 platform, @pstudio cut its IT bill in half and enhanced security for customer and company data. Curious about how our Microsoft solutions can help your company save money and keep your data secure? Contact our team to get started!

Sydney-based company Presentation Studio specializes in writing and designing sleek, professional presentations across the Asia-Pacific region. As the company expanded in proportion to the demand for its product, company leaders at Presentation Studio knew they needed to upgrade to a secure, cloud-based platform, so they partnered with Microsoft 365.

They are using productivity and collaboration tools that allow employees to work remotely and work together across a multitude of apps and devices, plus enterprise-grade security features keep sensitive data safe from cyberattacks.

Customer story: See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabled NQ Cranes to bridge the gap between departments

Watch this 28-second video to get a 10,000-foot view on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects businesses, enables smarter decisions, and helps foster growth.

For NQ Cranes it was a game changer.

NQ Cranes has been growing steadily as a family business for over 40 years but saw room for improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps NQ Cranes push the boundaries of technology by bringing visibility to administration, technicians, and management. As a result, this thriving manufacturer became increasingly mobile and efficient.

How to Collaborate Without Burning Out

Is there such thing as driving too much collaboration? Read the article to get great insights into how you can leverage technology to enable healthy, productive collaboration without driving people toward burnout. Then contact R.B.Hall Associates, LLC so we can help you get the right technology to drive efficient teamwork with Microsoft Office 365.

Faster innovation and technology that enables 24/7 communication on any device has driven an unprecedented demand for employee collaboration.

In this article, you’ll learn from thought leaders about the phenomenon collaborative overload and how businesses can use tools to enable efficient collaboration while cultivating a culture that will empower employees to set boundaries that will ultimately combat burnout and drive greater productivity long-term.

Let us help you set up Microsoft Office 365 so you can help your teams work together more efficiently.

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Establish and nurture customer relationships with Microsoft Connections

Repeat business starts with customer loyalty. We know that you build loyalty by establishing and nurturing meaningful customer relationships. Successful entrepreneur Trevor Cressey counts on Microsoft Connections, an email marketing tool within Office 365, for generating customer-satisfaction surveys and sending targeted email campaigns to engage current customers and attract new ones. Connections lets Trevor keep in touch with his customers via referrals, newsletters, offers, and other promotions that keep them coming back. Let us help you build customer loyalty for your business. Contact us today to get started.

In this week’s clip, R.B.Hall Associates, LLC discovers how Microsoft Connections, an easy-to-use email marketing tool within Office 365, helps small-business owners like Trevor Cressey attract and retain customers.

Connections lets Trevor, whose Premier Water Removal service dries out flooded homes or businesses, generate satisfaction surveys and send targeted email campaigns that help build loyalty.

Let us show you how Connections can put you in touch with your customers–and their repeat business.

Office 365 Keeps Your Business Compliant – Around the Clock

It’s especially true for small businesses: Data integrity is everything. R.B.Hall Associates, LLC knows how hard you’ve worked to earn your customers’ trust–and what it takes to maintain that trust. Thriving entrepreneur Trevor Cressey counts on #Office365 to keep his business information protected and compliant because it adheres to rigorous privacy standards like HIPAA, DPAS, FISMA, FERPA, and many more.

With more than 900 built-in compliance controls, #Office365 gives Trevor–and fellow small-business owners in highly regulated industries–the assurance they need to rest easy. Let R.B.Hall Associates, LLC give you the same peace of mind.

Contact us to learn how quickly you can be on the cutting edge of compliance.

In this video clip, we take a look at how hard Microsoft Office 365 works to keep small-business owners like Trevor Cressey–whose Premier Water Removal service dries out flooded homes or businesses–protected and compliant.

With adherence to standards like HIPAA, DPAS, FISMA, AND FERPA, plus more than 900 built-in compliance controls, Trevor knows his data is always secure and his business compliant. Let us show you how seriously Microsoft takes your data privacy and security–so you can rest easy.

Turbocharge Your Business Productivity

We know that empowering your employees to collaborate is a challenge for many organizations. Every group has their own way of doing things, but there are few tools out there that allow you to work the way you want, so you can focus on what really matters. Office 365 provides an integrated solution, so everyone can collaborate more effectively.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business integrate Office 365 and check out this article.

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