Elevate Your Email – today!

Why is email still the preferred method of communication for society and business communications? One reason is the growth of cloud technology, which has enabled hybrid solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Email cloud solutions provide more security and compliance while automating functionality for users, which ultimately save money. Download the eBook "Elevate Your Email," brought to you by R.B.Hall Associates, LLC, to learn how a cloud email solution enables more features & functionality.

The True Cost of Free Email Service

While a free email service might seem like a no-brainer for your business, you're missing out on the significant business-grade services detailed in this e-book, The True Cost of Free Email Service for Your Business. Contact R.B.Hall Associates, LLC to gain the high-level security and premium features that Microsoft Office 365 delivers.

A Paperless Way of Working Dawns for Czech Water Engineering Services Leader

If you've been holding back on creating paperless operating, now's the time to make your move Microsoft. Watch the video to see how a Czech firm has transformed their mobile workforce by embracing Dynamics and Office 365. R.B.Hall Associates, LLC is here to help you embark on your own transformation by setting you up with the right Microsoft solutions.

5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Working under time constraints is something that every business must face. In those times, it's important to have an IT platform that can help keep your team on track. With powerful productivity and collaboration features, Office 365 is the platform IT pros trust to provide mobility to their organization. We want your team to have … Continue reading 5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Turbocharge Your Business Productivity

We know that empowering your employees to collaborate is a challenge for many organizations. Every group has their own way of doing things, but there are few tools out there that allow you to work the way you want, so you can focus on what really matters. Office 365 provides an integrated solution, so everyone … Continue reading Turbocharge Your Business Productivity

Office 365 Empowers Premier Water Removal’s Growth, and its Owner’s Compassion

R.B.Hall Associates, LLC brings you a compelling new small-business customer story from Microsoft. In this video, we highlight Trevor Cressey, an entrepreneur motivated by the compassion he learned--for others and, ultimately, for himself--at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Trevor counts on #Office365 to help his 25-person team communicate and update project information in real time so they can deliver the best possible customer service. #Office365 gives Trevor the versatility he needs to support his team across desktops, laptops, phones, or tablets. Contact us to learn how we can help you get the same advantage.