Building Collaborative Teaching Communities

What technology in our schools is really about is providing already brilliant educators with the tools they need to better communicate and implement their curriculum. That’s what Teams was able to accomplish for Catholic Education Western Australia. Check out their incredible success story in this report.

Interested in replicating their success in your own classrooms? We are too. Contact us to get started.

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The state of modern device deployment in education

IT professionals have a unique perspective on technology in education. This study picked the brains of over 150 educational IT professionals, to learn more about their challenges, their priorities, and their future goals for technology in their schools.

The study compared those responses with the two most prevalent device management systems on the market: Microsoft’s Intune for Education and Google’s Chrome Management Console. Check out the results for yourself.

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Advancing Achievement and Equity: Growing evidence from the Fresno Unified School District Personalized Learning Initiative

Take an in-depth look at the standardized test results following the first year of Fresno Unified School District’s implementation of their Personalized Learning Initiative.

Examine comparisons of everything from grade level and subject matter to student background, to gain a better understanding of where this initiative is having the greatest impact.

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The 1:1 hierarchy of needs: Building the foundation for future educational technology success

Take an in-depth look at the 1:1 paradigm, a scenario in which schools are equipped to provide every student with a device to facilitate more connected and meaningful learning.

Examine the detailed process of how today’s schools are moving toward a future where every student has equal educational opportunities.

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Football, Teamwork and Technology: California School for the Deaf

Good communication is vital for every organization. We want you to have the best communication within your organization.

At the California School for the Deaf, they use Microsoft Surface with Office 365 to review and create plays then disseminate them to the players. It’s brought a new level of communication that allows them to win big. Imagine what it could do for your organization. Contact us to find out more.

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How technology is now empowering educators

This article takes a deep dive into how educators and institutions can align their edtech strategy to better connect and provide for their students.

This call for digital transformation includes implementing digital textbooks and resources, offering multiple open online courses (MOOCs), and leveraging learning analytics to increase student performance.

After all, 70 percent of students want their universities to update their digital options, with 44 percent of the same group saying they’d be happier with their university experience if they could engage with more digital resources.

Remain competitive and improve student performance by incorporating these insights. This article was originally published on

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Broadclyst School–Surface Hub Teamworking

This week, we take a look at how the Microsoft Surface Hub and Office365 help student teams at the Broadclyst School usher their innovative ideas to market in the Global Enterprise Challenge.

With Microsoft tools supporting the process from start to finish, the Enterprise Challenge provides more than an engaging learning experience for Broadclyst students; it helps them develop skills they’ll need in life.

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