Travel Counsellors Upgrade from On-Premise CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

With expert guidance from Microsoft partner Alithya, travel company Travel Counsellors empowers its own internal team to manage the upgrade from on-premises Microsoft Dynamics to cloud-based Dynamics365. Watch this video to see how this innovative approach to deploying Dynamics 365 helped Travel Counsellors achieve its strategic business goals while learning CRM implementation from an inside, hands-on perspective. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization make its own journey to a cloud-based CRM.

Office 365 Keeps Your Business Compliant – Around the Clock

It's especially true for small businesses: Data integrity is everything. R.B.Hall Associates, LLC knows how hard you've worked to earn your customers' trust--and what it takes to maintain that trust. Thriving entrepreneur Trevor Cressey counts on #Office365 to keep his business information protected and compliant because it adheres to rigorous privacy standards like HIPAA, DPAS, FISMA, FERPA, and many more. With more than 900 built-in compliance controls, #Office365 gives Trevor--and fellow small-business owners in highly regulated industries--the assurance they need to rest easy. Let R.B.Hall Associates, LLC give you the same peace of mind. Contact us to learn how quickly you can be on the cutting edge of compliance.

O365 cost-saving guidance for midsize companies

At R.B.Hall Associates, LLC, we don't want you to be paying more than you have to for your IT solutions. That's why we offer Office 365 solutions that can save you significant sums of money each year. Starting with an average savings of $11,000 in hardware and software deployment costs annually, the amounts go up considerably from there. With $30,000 in savings for administrative costs and up to $60,000 in savings from vendor displacement across a host of areas, these savings are real. We are committed to helping your business save money so that you can achieve more. Contact us to find out what we can do for you. #smb #business #businessowner #BusinessConsulting #Education #minorityownedbusiness #blackenterprise #minoritybusiness #lawyers #accountants #contractors

Office 365 Helps One Man Scale His Brand

R.B.Hall Associates, LLC understands how important it is for small businesses to have productivity tools that let them to do their best work. These tools need to always be up-to-date. They also need to have the information that matters most to you, available and accessible - anywhere, anytime. We're excited to show you how #Office365 does this for Bryce McDonald, a solo entrepreneur who relies on an extensive network of vendors and partners to help him scale DAY 1 Wake, his wakesurf board making business, out to the world. No matter your business or industry, R.B.Hall Associates, LLC can help you work easily and flexibly, just like Bryce. Check it out!