Conduct Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings in Teams!

COVID-19 has necessitated many schools and universities making remote learning available. While it's natural to focus on student learning in the virtual classroom, it's just as important to consider teachers' needs for professional development and colleague collaboration.

Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry: Combining Azure Cloud-Based Services

In today's fast-paced world, we understand that every second is valuable to your business. We also know that managing large volumes of data requires a battle-tested database. Microsoft's Azure provides the tools you need to improve operational efficiency. Watch how a data-driven company such as Lizo can utilize Cosmo DB and SQL Database to improve overall performance and business results. Contact us to learn more.

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

It's time to collaborate—virtually. Watch "Welcome to Microsoft Teams," brought to you by msftnonprofits, to get to know the collaboration app that helps your nonprofit team stay organized and have conversations—all in one place.

Pivoting to Remote Work

An abrupt shift to 100% remote working doesn't have to be a bumpy ride. "Pivoting to Remote Work," brought to you by msftnonprofits, is a free set of courses designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. These trainings will help you successfully transition to remote work and includes resources for Coronavirus mitigation.

What can Microsoft Teams do for you?

What if your team could be MORE? * More proficient * More productive * More creative * More collaborative Less is less. Let's do more. View "What can Microsoft Teams do for you?," an infographic brought to you by msftnonprofits, to learn how your nonprofit team can be more productive, more profitable, and more engaged.