Best Remote Bookkeeper Services for Philadelphia

You have a small business—but you hate accounting. However you’re dead without it—especially when it is time for taxes. You’re not big enough to hire a full-time bookkeeper or accounting department.

Bookkeeper Alternatives

Use Accounting Software.  If you do it yourself, without a bookkeeper, you are stuck learning complicated software (and accounting rules), and it can easily cost you $30 per month-but YOU still have to do the work, which is too time consuming and you’re always running behind.

Hire local bookkeeper. You alternatively could hire a local bookkeeper in Philadelphia, but many of them charge upwards of $300/month.

Online service. Or, consider an online bookkeeping service, but they still use your software (again at $30 per month).

There’s a new type of all-in-one bookkeeper / software services company—and their prices look great–but they’re not all the same.

Some bait you with a low sticker price—but charge per expense and you’re “just” over the limit. Or, they have a good initial setup—but the person they pass you over to isn’t as good and keeps requiring too much “help”—classifying accounts, explaining your business… (did they even pass over the notes?). You may as well do it yourself. Some have cool “mobile” options, but only if you’re into fruits (Androids are not wanted there).

The Big Question?

So, how can you get a bookkeeper to do your dreaded bookkeeping, where it also includes the bookkeeping software (which should be super easy to use (if needed)), that quickly learns your business so it frees you up to run it, that also has mobile access (on ALL devices), all at a MUCH lower cost than other bookkeeper alternatives (and much less than doing it yourself)?

Perhaps you should consider…

Best Remote Bookkeeper Service for Philadelphia

Credibilitybookkeeping service

  • Professional bookkeepers with accounting backgrounds
  • $1 million professional liability and $2 million cyber-insurance
  • Member – National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers
  • Member – American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Member – International Franchise Association’s Supplier Forum
  • Team was “Winner! 2016 Accountex Practitioner Excellence Awards–Forward Adopting Firm”

Why Choose Bookkeeping Zoom – Best Remote Bookkeeper Service & Software for Philadelphia

There are five main reasons to consider Bookkeeping Zoom

  1. Full Featured Accounting (including labor)
  2. Best Expense Management
  3. Most Mobile Capabilities
  4. Superior Security
  5. Price Performance Leader

Let’s review each of these reasons in detail

1) Full Featured Accounting (with a bookkeeper)

The software with the services, includes all the normal accounting features and tracks income, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and includes unlimited bank connections, unlimited bill entry, and all your standard reports delivered painlessly every month to you in Philadelphia. Plus, more…

  • Full service bookkeeping (labor included). A team of dedicated bookkeepers with accounting backgrounds do your bookkeeping remotely for you—and they actually like it! (go figure).
  • Easy Setup. One Onboarding Call. The dedicated onboarding team quickly sets up your system, learns your business and keep everything up to date for you. The detailed setup notes are passed smoothly to your dedicated bookkeeper…
  • Bank Feed. All of your bank accounts are linked to the software at no extra cost. Ensures all electronic transactions are captured and you have a live snapshot on your desktop.
  • Detailed Categorization. Unlike other services that just map your income and expenses to a generic category, Bookkeeping Zoom can also map it to the job or project level—saving you hours re-categorizing the expenses, just to determine if the project was profitable.
  • Monthly Reporting. Includes all the financial reports needed to run your business and file your taxes: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and even a General Ledger. Can also easily export to Excel or PDF.
  • Account Reconciliation. All of your accounts will be connected to and reconciled each month, even PayPal accounts (which many won’t reconcile). Keeping all of your accounts beautiful and correct.
  • Custom Transaction Categories. All of your transactions are categorized correctly every month including any custom categories, making your financial statements that much easier to analyze.
  • Accounting Software Set-Up. Bookkeeping Zoom will set up your account within the software and import all your financials. This makes the transition to Bookkeeping Zoom painless and easy!

2) Best Expense Management for Philadelphia

Book keeper

Transaction Based. The price you are charged is not based on monthly expenses–unlike some services companies which force you into higher tiers if your monthly expenses increase (a double whammy).

Includes Budgets. Unlike other systems, you can enter custom budgets to help you stay on target for lower monthly expenses

Project Management. One of the few services that can even accommodate unlimited projects with budgets, trackable hours and project time by customer.

3) Most Mobile Bookkeeper Capabilities in Philadelphia

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android. You can access your books using a 100% native and 100% free app for Apple or Android—providing you the most flexible options (without having to change your phone type).

4) Best Bookkeeper Security in Philadelphia

  • Restricted Access Control. You can allow select employees and your CPA permission to access to your data, but only after having received permission directly from you. Just another safety precaution, so you never have to worry about your data, even with people inside your company.
  • No Keys. Bookkeeping Zoom is a remote service; there is no need to have another key to your office floating around with no way for you to keep track of it. You don’t have to deal with physical access security (no keys, no missing stuff)!
  • US Business. Bookkeeping Zoom is an American owned and operated company. Because of this, your data will always stay on American soil.
  • Professionally Screened. All bookkeepers have been screened with professional background checks. You can rest assured knowing that your data is safe with Bookkeeping Zoom.
  • Automatic Data Backup. Your data is automatically backed up to the cloud with SSL encryption so it is always be safe and accessible.
  • Insurance. Bookkeeping Zoom carries $1 million in professional liability Insurance and $2 million in cyber-security insurance. If a data breach were to happen, the insurance would assist you in restoring personal identities and recovering compromised data.

5) Price Performance Leader in Philadelphia

  • Lowest Price. Lowest overall price for what you get when compared to similar local or national online bookkeeperservices, or even service/software companies. Period.
  • Saves you Money. The service typically saves from 6-12 hours each month. If your time is worth more than a minimum wage—it SAVES you money!
  • Saves Software Costs. Plus, you save an average of $30 per month for the software that is included!
  • Painless Accounting. And let’s not forget the relief—from the PAIN of dealing with “accounting” the very thought of it makes us quiver–and the lack of sleep (especially come tax time) as you desperately try to catch up (April 15th is always looming).
  • Pays for Itself. The tax savings alone (because you can now account and deduct for “every” expense) can usually pay for the service multiple times over!

What’s Holding You Back?

Now that you can see some of the advantages of Bookkeeping Zoom, what’s holding you back? Following are common questions for Philadelphia.

  • How secure is my data? Usually more secure than it is within the office. All data stays in the US, uses secure SSL Encryption, includes selective permissions (so you can limit access to select employees if desired), and it is backed up automatically—so there is much less risk you’ll ever lose your data.
  • Can you import my existing records? Yes, we can import data from most accounting programs including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage, and Xero, in addition to downloading current and past transactions directly from financial institutions.
  • Does the data export to other popular systems? You can easily extract the data from the software. Whether you can download into another accounting software depends on their technical capabilities.
  • How hard is it to get started? Your Bookkeeping Zoom experience is only a call away. With a free trial-you can start risk-free and see what Bookkeeping Zoom is about.
  • Do you do payroll? However, we work with all major US payroll companies and include the most up-to-date payroll data within your file.

Do you communicate with my Tax Advisor? We provide unlimited communication and integration with your Tax Advisor and your CPA.

Picture this…

Life Before

You HATE the late nights tracking every expense. The very thought of the IRS getting more than their “fair share” makes your stomach churn.

April 15th rules your thoughts—as you have to prepare for the day of reckoning and “account” for your business. You didn’t study accounting—yet you are STUCK with it.

All the alternatives smell bad!

Until now…

Your Life Now

Finally, the pain is gone. Bookkeeping Zoom whisks away your troubles, tracks it all without a second thought—it helps you see your family (no more late nights, missed school games or angry looks), and the monthly and annual reports document your deductions to the penny–take that IRS… I’m going on vacation!  Oh, and the fact you can see how your business is profiting—just a nice side benefit.

Life is GOOD…thanks to Bookkeeping Zoom!

What’s Next?

Call us at (267) 536-9301 to see a quick no-obligation demo or to get started with a trial.

We also service the following cities: Philadelphia PA., Pittsburgh PA., Washington DC., Baltimore, MD.