Powerful Online Lead Generation with CRM



Originally, a website was like a company\’s front desk receptionist. It served as the face of the company, welcoming new visitors and creating an instant first impression. With the introduction of Web 2.0, websites have evolved to become a company\’s sales, marketing and customer support departments all wrapped into one. In fact, a company\’s website now serves as their most powerful lead generation and conversion tool accessible.

How do websites generate leads? Online lead generation consists of three crucial steps: 1. Visit the website, 2. like what they see and 3. feel intrigued enough to fill out a form with their contact information. But this process isn\’t as easy as it seems and companies constantly struggle to generate quality leads and convert them into customers. For this blog, I\’m going to explore how a great customer relationship management (CRM) solution offers the tools a company needs to become a lead generation machine.

Introducing the Web-to-Lead Form

A variety of robust CRM solutions geared towards sales-driven organizations, offer a powerful tool called the web-to-lead form. Essentially, web forms are landing pages that offer the potential customer information on a specific offering and contain fields that capture their personal contact information.  Once the forms are submitted, the contact information is automatically uploaded into the CRM solution for quick and easy retrieval. The form can be customized in any which way to appear like a questionnaire, survey, or simple request form, and can be made to look identical to the rest of the company\’s website.

What are the benefits?

Speeding Up the Lead Generation Process

For one, web forms help to make the lead generation process an easier and faster task. The forms essentially replace the qualification step. By requiring the potential customer to answer specific questions before submitting the form, companies can assess if the individual is a good fit for their product or service offering even before they pick up the phone to speak with them. If the forms include as much information about a company\’s product or service offering to justify the individual\’s purchase, the form could even replace all steps of the sales cycle and result in a rapid, online sale.

Ease of Use

The advanced customizability of web-to-lead forms makes them extremely easy to design and create without the need for extensive IT resources.  Once the forms are created, information is then automatically uploaded into the CRM solution, which also serves to reduce time spent doing manual data entry and to avoid duplication. Both of these factors also directly translate into saving companies money. Companies can spend less money on hiring cold callers and administrators because forms can be used instead to collect, input and use information about prospective customers.

Personalized and Targeted Marketing

Using web forms also helps with creating more targeted and personalized marketing efforts. When the information inputted in the forms is automatically uploaded into the CRM system, this information can then be broken down and used to create targeted views of your leads. For example, if you make one of the form\’s fields ‘City’, you can then create a specific marketing campaign for each specific city that your leads reside in. In doing so, your communication with your leads becomes more relevant, specific and value-added, which will hopefully result in speeding up the conversion process and landing more customers.

Now that websites have evolved to become the new-age lead generation tool, companies need to obtain the tools needed to take full advantage. With the help of a CRM solution and its web-to-lead form functionality, companies can make online lead generation a much simpler and less daunting task. Not only can they optimize on the time and money spent attracting and converting leads, but they can re-focus their marketing efforts to nurture customers throughout the entire sales cycle.

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Corie Kaftalovich is the Marketing Coordinator for Luxor CRM, a web-based CRM vendor in Toronto, Canada.

Technology Dictionary: Convey Your Thoughts With Tech Key Words



The technical terms are those which are used by the experts in any industry; most commonly by those in the field of computers. They use these terms to communicate with the people in their field easily and feel comfortable to convey things by using technical key words. It is difficult for a common man out of this field to understand these techy terms and in that case comes the entry of ‘Technical or technology dictionary’ to help you out with easy ways of understanding these stuffs.

The main aim behind the design or creation of the technology dictionary is to make sense of what these technical terms actually means to you. Though this may appear as a specialized language to the layman, the technology dictionary makes it easy for them and gives them an assurance of comfort to learn these terms quickly.

The technology dictionary is all about the high definitions used in the IT field and the computer related terms. It consist of all type of relevant definitions used in the technical industry and is not limited to any kind of programming languages, hardware or software, any high level OS or networking, electronics or telecommunications and many more related things. The technology industry covers all the technical terms and the technology dictionary aims to cover the explanation for all these type of related terms and definitions.

It is always worth going through the guidelines in the technology dictionary before peeping into the stuffs provided in them. The guidelines will give you a clear walk through on how to learn and when to use the unusual words that are used in the computer industry. Also, one more thing to be understood is that ‘technology’ does not stop with computer and related industry but also it is spread over all fields where innovative and creative things have their roots.

Hence, technology dictionary is all about the collaboration of computing, networking and all the related terms of the technical database in the world. The terms and acronyms provided in the technology dictionary endows with the definitions and meanings of them in the wider area of information technology, science and computers. The creators and information providers of technology dictionary are the experts who are experienced in these fields. All these information provided saves the time that they spend to search for the meanings of these tech terms to their understanding. The technology dictionary is also valuable to people working in technology, computers, owners of these fields and even to the potential buyers.

There are books and CDs and DVDs available for learning all these technical terms and definitions but the technology dictionary covers the entire concept of people’s expectation and no word could be said as ‘missed out’ in the dictionary. The dictionary is prepared in the user’s point of view and it suits all types of age groups, starting from school going to higher studies and to professional and also researchers and experts. So, make the best utilization of the technology dictionary and Enjoy learning!

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Technical terms are the result of the experts’ need to communicate easily and with precision within their field of expertise. If you are looking for additional technical terms you may visit this vast collection of free
tech dictionary.

The future of paper

It’s a possible fix for the reams and reams of paper that are printed, used briefly, and then tossed every day. BNET correspondent Sumi Das takes us inside the Palo Alto Research Center where scientists are developing a way to print an image that disappears allowing the paper to be reused.

PDF File Not Recognized, Wont Open?



How to Fix Adobe Program and PDF File Extension Errors

Receiving an important PDF file and then trying to open it only to get an error message instead is one of the most frustrating experiences that a computer user can have. Many times, these error messages are due to incompatibility of the Adobe Reader with other versions of the program and although annoying, are usually fairly easy to fix.

Update Adobe Reader

The first step you should take to try to fix your Adobe Reader program error messages is to update the current Adobe Reader version that is installed on your computer. You can do an easy update from your desktop by getting into Acrobat or Adobe Reader and finding the Help button. Click on Help and then on Check for Updates Now. This will automatically search and install any updates; of course, you must have your computer connected to the Internet for this to work. If you don\’t want to do this step from your desktop, you can also go to the Adobe website and download the update from there.

Uninstall Adobe Reader

If you are having problems with a partial installation failing or you have tried the update and it hasn\’t solved your problems, you can uninstall and then reinstall the Adobe Reader program. Again, you can do this from your desktop by going to Start and then clicking on Control Panel. Double click on Add/Remove Programs, choose the Adobe program and then choose Delete.

There are ways to manually uninstall the Adobe Reader program, but as they involve changes to the registry, they are not recommended. For further instructions on how to manually remove the Adobe Reader program, please see the Adobe website.

Once you have uninstalled the current program, you can reinstall Adobe Reader and many times your error messages will be gone.

Incompatible Versions

There are many versions of Adobe Reader available. You can go to the Adobe website to see the most current version, but unless the PDF creator used a compatible version, you won\’t be able to view the document. You may also get an error message saying that the document has been corrupted. The most likely fix is to download the newest version from the website, although if the document was created using an older version, you may have to work with the creator to use a compatible version.

Other Error Messages

You may also see other Adobe Reader error messages. The Error 16 message means that there has been a problem naming the file. Make sure that the file name isn\’t longer than 50 characters and only uses alpha/numeric characters – no special characters such as &,# or *. You may also get an Error 404 (Page Not Found) message. This message actually relates to the Internet connection and you may need to check your network settings.

Most errors can be solved by doing a simple update of Adobe Reader, although persistent program errors might need a little more work to get your Reader up and running properly.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/software-articles/pdf-file-not-recognized-wont-open-4321884.html

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How to Delete Antivirus.NET Virus From Your Computer


Mac Guru

Is your computer acting suspiciously?

Are you getting popup windows telling you that you have a virus? Is your computer slower than usual? Did you install a program called Antivirus .NET? Well, if your answer to all these questions is yes, you are most probably infected with this virus.

Describing the reason

Now that you know that your computer is infected, it is time to get to know what infected your computer. The Antivirus .NET virus is a malware that appears like a normal antivirus program. However, its main function is to sell the upgraded version because it is the only one that can remove the infected files.

What does it do?

The Antivirus .NET will send you warnings that some of the files on your computer are infected by a Trojan, malware, spyware or any type of virus. However, these warnings are fraudulent because the program doesn\’t really detect or remove any kind of virus. It will then recommend you to buy the full version of the program so that you will be able to remove the infected files. But since the program is a fraud, you\’ll be paying to fix something that doesn\’t need fixing.

How can you get one?

Sharing information became easier over the years because of the internet. Along with the ease of transferring files came the ease of distributing viruses. The Antivirus .NET virus is not different from the rest in terms of its distribution channel. Clicking a link found in a spam email or a social networking site can be the cause of your computer\’s infection so you have to be wary of the things that you download from the internet.

How to delete it from my computer?

Now that you know what Antivirus .NET is and how it affects your desktop, you might want to remove it from your computer. Here are two methods that can help you. If you know your computer\’s settings well or you want to take risks, you can try the manual method. Of course this method is not recommended at all because it will take you a long time to fix if you do it this way. It also involves making changes in your computer\’s registry which can be a delicate process considering the way that it might result to when you make a mistake. The other method, which is recommended because of the short amount of time that you will need as well as its efficiency, is to make use of the available malware removal tools. If you find a good one, it won\’t take you a long time to fix the problem.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/security-articles/how-to-delete-antivirus-net-virus-from-your-computer-4292508.html

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It is very easy to Remove Antivirus .Net from your computer provided you have the right removal tool in your hand. This guide will not only help you remove the virus automatically but also you can attempt your hands on Manual Antivirus Net Removal

What Is Social Media Marketing?



If you fall into any one of the following categories, like:

  • the ones who don\’t know much or anything about social media,
  • the ones who are interested but don\’t know how to use it and
  • those who don\’t believe in the value that a social media strategy can bring to any site or business

you must read this article to know how big a deal is social media and the enormous benefits of social media marketing.

Social media is information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies that is intended to facilitate communications, influence and interaction with peers and with public audiences. This is typically done via the Internet and mobile communications networks. Today this practice is being enjoyed by executives and professionals for brand exposure and marketing.

Do you make these mistakes to market your brand or services?

  • Use Yellow page ads that cost thousands of dollars, yet bring in little new business?
  • Spend money on direct mailers that also have limited results.
  • How about money spent on print advertising. How effective is it?
  • Are you spending lots of money optimizing your website but still have little traffic.
  • Spend money on Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns, with limited results.

Can you improve your business if you know:

  • What is being said about you.
  • What your customers think about your product or service.
  • What your customers really want.
  • What your competitors are doing.
  • How to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments.
  • How to make your business more profitable.

Nothing provides a better return on investment than having a network of people raving about you and it doesn\’t matter what product or service you sell. So let\’s have a look onto the benefits of social media viral marketing.

The value of Marketing through Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your site or business through social media channels and it is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic.Social media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. It is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic.

What are the benefits?

It\’s natural. No doubt you get natural links, your website is exposed to a large number of people. This differs from paid advertising which has overt commercial overtones.

It\’s defensible. Social communities can be a great source of web traffic on top of any traffic you are already receiving from search engines. While you can\’t easily increase your search engine traffic, social media traffic can be very easily controlled through strategic marketing.

It\’s low-cost/high returns. Costs are limited to only time and perhaps the expenses involved in hiring a freelance programmer/designer. The benefits will often exceed the cost. It would take you thousands of dollars to buy many links; social media has the ability to give you that for free.

It complements other efforts. Social media optimization and marketing is usually community-specific. It doesn\’t interfere with any other methods of getting traffic to your website. It can and will fit perfectly with an advertising campaign targeting other websites or search engines.

There is no other low-cost promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to your website again and again. If you are selling products/services or just publishing content for ad revenue, social media marketing is a potent method that will make your site profitable over time.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/smo-articles/what-is-social-media-marketing-841087.html

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So this is the high time to consider the importance of this emerging trend of social media applications . If you really want to get benefits from this massive channel look nowhere than http://www.inkatechnology.co.uk

What Are The Benefits of Cloud Computing?


John Klein

Who would have thought we\’d be here with computers, cloud computing, the usage of computers without the hardware? Although in its early stages, cloud computing is quickly catching on with IT departments, investors, and business owners worldwide. Cloud Computer providers are now emerging slowly as the trend catches on with businesses. So what is cloud computing?

Essentially, cloud computing is the ability to use the computer in a setting with nothing more than a keyboard, a mouse, and a screen (Monitor). Sounds incredulous? Not really! This is a phenomenon that is spreading like wild-fire through business environments as more and more applications, and usage becomes available to end users. In essence, cloud computing encompasses the end user, having access to software applications without the need for bulky hardware taking up space.

Sounds good doesn\’t it? There are more benefits to cloud computing that we\’ll try to cover. One of these benefits is the ability to cut costs. Consider the need to upgrade computers, we know the costs, every year companies spend millions on hardware and software, sometimes for one simple upgrade. Cloud computing eliminates the cost of having to purchase hardware to upgrade the environment. All that will be necessary is the software upgrade, licenses for all the users needed, and the server location of the cloud. Once the cloud is updated, all end users of the office will have access to the updated software. Thus eliminating the cost of upgrading, possibly by millions, while also cutting the time it takes to upgrade your office.

Now if you\’re wondering about data security, stop it! Ask any IT Professional, and they will tell you Cloud computing offers powerful security options for your data, while improving the aesthetics of your office. What could be better than a sleek looking office that provides secure data encryption?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/technology-articles/what-are-the-benefits-of-cloud-computing-4230239.html

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cloud computing platforms

Delete Temp Files to Speed Up Your Computer


ricardo lumbardo

Temp files can easily take up a considerable amount of space in your computer. If you have never really checked the number of temporary files that are currently there on your PC then you may be shocked with the number that would have been accumulated by now. The process would be steady and over time there would be a pile of useless junk files which would not really be helpful for your computer since it can slow it down considerably. There are several ways in which you can get rid of these files regularly to ensure that your computer is efficient and that you have sufficient disk space available. 

What are these Files?

Temp files are generally created by different software for different reasons. For example, when you download documents, the file would be saved as a temporary file whenever you are using it. Normally, these files are not really dangerous. However, if there is a malware in the form of a file then it can create a lot of damage for your computer. However, the problem is that when you have too many of these files on your computer hard disk then the operations of your computer would be affected and the speed would be considerably slower than usual. 

Cleaning up Your Computer

The best way to remove temp files from your computer is to clean it up regularly. Most computers would have a ‘Disk Cleanup’ tab which you can use. With regularly cleanup of the disk, the temporary files would be deleted from the computer quite easily. You will also have to defragment the hard drive regularly so that the scattered files would be found, reunited and then stored properly on your disk or deleted if they are not necessary. The process may take a few hours depending on the number of files you are dealing with and the hard drive dimensions that you have. You can also simply find these files on your own with the Find Utility and simply delete them all yourself to ensure that none of them would be missed out. 

Get an Online Utility Program

If you are someone who does not have too much time for disk cleanup and for maintenance of computer, one of the best things to do would be to get yourself an online software or utility program that can handle the tasks for you. You will easily find programs today that can clean your registry, defragment your computer, delete temporary files and files that are no longer being used by you on regular intervals without any intervention on your part. With these utility programs, all your temp files would be automatically deleted without you having to worry about it.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/delete-temp-files-to-speed-up-your-computer-4160654.html

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To learn more about temp files and to find a complete solution for your computer maintenance, please visit http://www.360amigo.com/.