To solve complex challenges, try a little “radical compassion”

Rosie’s Place, based in Boston and helmed by president and executive director Leemarie Mosca, has a singular mission: to support, assist, and improve the lives of poor and homeless women in the city by connecting them with resources such as housing, jobs, training, healthcare, transportation, and legal advocacy. Or, as Mosca more succinctly describes it: to be intentionally kind with unconditional love for women who are struggling.

Indeed, it is this concept of intentional kindness that forms the crux of what Mosca terms “radical compassion”—that is, recognizing the challenges and realities these women are facing, acknowledging their flaws and shortcomings, and yet standing alongside them with unconditional support, respect, and love.

Check out this brief Forbes article by Susan Galer to learn how Rosie’s Place is backing up its charitable actions with radical compassion, and how people and businesses that do so are effectively transforming love into a form of social activism—and improving their communities in the process.

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