GEICO turbocharges insurance innovation with Microsoft Azure

Cumbersome legacy infrastructures slow you down. R.B.Hall Associates, LLC knows that, in today’s hyper-paced business landscape, digital transformation is the only way to out-service the competition.

GEICO, the giant auto insurance carrier, credits the #Azure cloud-computing platform with helping it break down traditional information silos and transition to a DevOps model in the cloud. With automated provisioning and software deployment, plus rock-solid availability, GEICO delivers premier customer service and continues to grow at a record pace.

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In this new clip, we show you how auto insurance giant GEICO is adopting a DevOps strategy and transitioning development to Microsoft Azure.

With the Microsoft technology stack and ecosystem behind it, GEICO is moving to the cloud with a focus on greater efficiency, superior application availability, and lower costs.

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Author: rbhallassociates

Business Technology Consultant | Cloud Broker