Broadclyst School–Communicating with Skype

In this new clip, R.B.Hall Associates, LLC shows how Microsoft Office 365 with Skype for Business facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among student teams across geographies.

Skype’s video-conferencing and group-calling features support the Broadclyst School’s curriculum and enhance pupil engagement, but that’s not all. Using Skype, parents can attend and participate virtually in school meetings when they can’t be there in person–connecting them with their children’s learning. Let us help you reap the benefits of stronger partnerships too.

Download: Broadclyst School–Communicating with Skype

Do Great Work with Office 365, Even When There’s No Internet

R.B.Hall Associates, LLC takes a deeper look at how Microsoft Office 365 helps small business owner Scott Naucler and his three employees do their best work from anywhere – the office, a client site, or even 300 feet in the air atop a wind turbine.

Office 365’s AutoSave feature helps Turbine Test Services get the job done by automatically saving their changes as they work. If there’s no Internet, the folks at Turbine Test Services don’t stress!

They know that AutoSave (a feature which is always-on) will sync their changes as soon as they’re back online.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you maximize the flexibility that Office 365 provides.

Download: Do Great Work with Office 365, Even When There’s No Internet

Office 365 Empowers a School to Take a Different Approach

In this clip, R.B.Hall Associates, LLC takes a look at how technology is transforming learning and preparing students for the future at Broadclyst School.

Microsoft Office 365 and devices form the foundation for a rich curriculum that teaches children important skills they’ll need as they enter the workforce and move through life.

Let us show you how Office 365 can help your business take the same forward-looking approach to empower your future.

Download: Office 365 Empowers a School to Take a Different Approach