How Cloud Computing Helps Businesses


John Klein

Cloud computing can provide a network that will host third party applications through a web browser. This allows information to be spread from one computer to many other computers. Using one central location businesses and companies can send information all over the country. It has changed the way business is done because it allows meetings to be done from all over, and makes them more efficiently because they can meet from all over the country without having to fly or travel.

Meetings that would normally take months to plan or informative presentations that would have to have been given in person can be done quickly over the Internet. This saves time and money for the company and for the individuals involved. Research is showing that cloud computing is huge among business owners. They really enjoy using this technology, and it has improved the communication in their business. Cloud computing is also commonly used in advertising for companies as well. An ad campaign can be sent out and approved by every branch of the company before going out. Another thing that cloud computing affects in the business world is partnerships.

Two companies will be able to hash out merger details and buy outs as well as joining forces in a partnership much more efficiently with cloud computing. The alternative is to send people flying out to countless meetings, and spending thousands of dollars on travel. Cloud computing is currently being used and improved by Microsoft, IBM, Google, and many other large companies. Time will tell if this will be a more efficient way to conduct business.

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