Software As A Service: Revolutionizing The Way To Do A Business

By Vijay K Shetty

Well, well, how do you feel to wake up early in the morning, search for some cash, go to the nearest outlet to grab a copy of your favorite monthly magazine or a comic book before it sold out like pan cakes? Just can’t imagine the trouble taken and the frustration on not getting it, right? Just imagine you had subscribed for an annual offer where every month a copy would be at your doorstep without you having to wake up early and also take all the trouble to get to the outlet. What would you prefer? Option #1 or option #2?

Well, if it is option #2, then SaaS services are definitely meant for your kind. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a relatively a new concept which allows you to Consume/use software on a subscription basis. True, it’s time to bid goodbye to the traditional model of purchasing expensive software licenses and getting it renewed every year or two. SaaS is sometimes also referred to as “Software on Demand”. SaaS is basically a method of delivering software applications to the customers over the internet. It is based on the “Pay as you go” model of business and is considered to be the key segment among the 3 segments of Cloud Computing.

Let us look at some of the benefits which individual users and small businesses can obtain by switching to a SaaS Concept:

1. No Installation:

Gone are the days of installation where you sit in front of the computer loading installation discs one by one as required. Since SaaS is based on the concept of cloud computing, it does not require you to install any software on your computer. All you need is to have an uninterrupted power and internet connection.

2. Independent of Operating System:

Well, are you worried over the Operating System installed on your personal computer? Then it’s time for you to be happy as SaaS is not dependent on the System Software you use, but mainly needs a fast and reliable browser.

3. Automatic Upgrades:

Since the software is installed in a host server and made accessible through your browser window, the SaaS is always upgraded whenever you log in to your account.

4. Ease of Access:

One of the greatest advantages of SaaS has been accessing the data on the move, i.e., accessing data from anywhere at any time.

This is because the data is stored in the servers called as SaaS providers which are accessible 24/7.

SaaS providers mainly generate revenue by pricing their services on a per-user basis or per-business basis. But there are some SaaS providers who give away applications free of cost to the user, some of the big names include, Gmail, Google Docs etc.

SaaS has definitely proved its worth since its emergence in the market 7 years ago. SaaS has also helped the business organizations as an approach towards effective cost cutting strategy. It helps a business to grow and provides even greater opportunities for lower costs and better high-quality service. So, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe for application with a SaaS provider to grow your business.

Vijay K Shetty

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