Online CRM vs Traditional CRM software

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Earlier it had been taken for granted that CRM software was only required for business that were large. The need for centralized management of the customer relationship documents had been thought of as immaterial for the smaller businesses. However, over the years this perception has changed and there is a need to have a central point for all requirements that are customer centric. This led to the introduction of CRM or customer relationship management. CRM has gained much popularity in the recent times and the online CRM software is used not just for large businesses anymore but also for smaller businesses.  

Traditional CRM

The traditional CRM had helped in bringing around a quantifiable collection of information and statistics about sales leads, customers etc. however, the main difficulty with traditional CRM had been that it was duplicated as the information had been available but could not be shared between the different departments within the company. However, there were several other benefits of using traditional CRM for businesses.  

For businesses, it was a low risk and low expense investment which allowed them to eliminate the requirements for backup, IT support, investment and maintenance. There was no need for software or hardware updates and it allowed businesses to expedite their sales, marketing and offer good quality customer service through the organization. One of the main problems with traditional CRM is that it is not web based. What this means is that the employees or the agents who need to spend time away from the office or have to frequently travel would not be able to access CRM unless they have it installed on their system.  

Online solutions

Online CRM software offers essential strategy for small, medium as well as large organizations and helps businesses save time and increase their productivity while allowing them to close more leads and increase their rate of investment. Online solutions allow the collection of client information as well as sharing the information from a single data warehouse whenever required in a secure and professional manner. It allows businesses to automate sales and encourages the collaboration and integration of strategies that boost the credibility and image of the business.  

Online CRM offers interactive, one to one customer relationship techniques that would be suitable for unique business needs. It also uses streamlined approaches for customer loyalty and promotes customer retention. CRM software offers business insight on where the sales process is being stalled and requires immediate attention. Good software also includes forecasting techniques that can be customized according to the business requirements. A large number of business organizations choose online solutions today in order to automate their businesses. With the increase in the use of phone, fax, emails and social networks as communication means in businesses, using online software can help businesses save a lot of time by automating their emails, faxes and text messages. Since online CRM is web based, it would be possible for the users to access it from anywhere in the world at any given point of time which makes the job easier for them.

With an automated sales process, the sales and marketing process would be more streamlined and would offer better results to the company and increased productivity. Online CRM software has come a long way in improving customer relationship management in medium as well as small businesses. It allows the increase in the conversion of the leads to sales. CRM software- whether you use traditional or online software, is important for every business today.

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